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After-sales service:

Technical and after-sales service:

1.Installation and commissioning:

After we sale the company's production or supporting the production line and all kinds of products, the user and the company signed the installation and commissioning of the contract can be provided by the company's installation and commissioning technical services.

Before installation and commissioning, please provide the necessary entry conditions and qualified bottles, caps and so on.

Production line installation and commissioning work is completed, the trial production (1-2 days). In normal operation, do a good job in the production line were recorded, such as compliance with specified requirements, the two sides signed confirmation for the production line of the transfer procedures.Equipment installation and commissioning normal operation and efficiency of the production line very large, in order to ensure the quality, our company hopes to equipment installation, debugging by the professional and technical personnel of the company. Such as users to install their own or from borrow other installation team to install, the company before the debugging must confirm the equipment installation quality can meet the requirements.

Controversy in the working process, as much as possible to solve the field.

To solve the moment the can to the objective statement of "memorandum"

form, feedback the company sales center, within 24 hours after receiving the

"memorandum" the company will reply opinions.

2.  "3 Free" service:

When we sale the products must offer certificate,In the warranty period of the company responsible for the quality of the problem, our company is responsible for the implementation of the "3 Free" service.Our company's products are put into use within 1 year 3 free service period,product lifetime maintenance.

3.Division of responsibilities:

After the sale of products or the occurrence of the following quality defects,our company responsible for the "3 free service" responsibility:The user in accordance with the normal operation and maintenance of the product specification, in the warranty period, the impact of the use of the product performance of the failure, parts damage or excessive wear and tear.Product due to improper packing in normal loading and unloading caused by the loss or damage.Normal transport or storage, the product from the factory to the transfer of the user during the use of serious corrosion and deformation occurred.The overall package lossless and machine on the lack of proper object (out of the box must be in the presence of the staff of the company can be opened,and go through the formalities for approval).

4.The following circumstances do not belong to the "3 free" service


►The user is not required to operate and maintain the manual operation and maintenance of parts and components damage, corrosion and wear.

►In the course of transportation, the damage or loss caused by traffic accidents.

►The product is still in the "3 free" period of use, but has been unsealed or the acceptance of the product is lost or damaged parts.

►Due to poor customer care caused by parts failure, deformation, corrosion.

►The quality problem caused by the failure of the rubber plastic parts,wearing parts, aging and deformation of the parts, and the failure of the parts.

►In the user department sealed more than one year of the product (the date of the product factory).

5.Spare parts sales and service:

In order to ensure the equipment normal operation and efficiency, in the spare parts market, good and bad, regardless of the circumstances, users are advised to try to use our company's accessories. We will provide you with excellent quality and reasonable price of spare parts and the rapid, timely,

and thoughtful service.

After-sales service: