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Product Detail

RO System


Mainly includes: pretreatment system (multi medium filter, activated carbon filter,

demineralized water descaling device, MF micro porous filter), membrane separation

system (UF volume type ultra filtration membrane filters, NF nanofiltration membrane

filter, RO reverse osmosis unit), electrodialysis equipment, sterilization equipment

(UV ultraviolet sterilizer, ozone generator), titanium rod,terminal filter, etc.

Product range:

1>Multi-media filter, activated carbon filter series

2>MF micro porous filter series

3>RO reverse osmosis equipment series

4>UF volume type ultra filtration membrane water treatment equipment

5>Electrodialysis, soften water descaling device, ozone sterilization system

6>Titanium rod terminal filter

7>Membrane element products filter

Range of application:

1>Drinking pure water, natural mountain spring, natural mineral water

2>Food and drink water, soda water, carbonated drinks, juice drinks, etc.)

3>Juice such as orange juice, apple juice, wave dominant clarification, wine filtration

4>Water in pharmaceutical, electronic industrial high pure water

5>Boiler softened water, industrial waste water treatment