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Sand stick filter


Sand stick filter, also known as sand core filter, 1Cr18Ni9Ti and SUS304 steel plate made of sealed container and

ceramic sand filter rod combination supporting and, filter on layer and a lower layer, is arranged in the middle water

blocking plate, a.(also known as plate, grate) water separating plate is fixed filter rod device, and liquids (including

water) before and after

Filtration dividing function.

Sand filter rod (also known as sand core), made of porous ceramic materials by high temperature sintering. The rod

body has many fine pores, filters play the main part of the filtering effect, through sand filter rod filter to improve the

filter liquid and water clarity.

The filter used for water, or a pressure device of deep well water filter can effectively blocking bacteria and the removal

of suspended material in the water without boiling can be made in line with the national drinking water regulations

of water.

(the national standard of drinking water: total bacteria in 37 degrees and cultured for 24 hours, 1 ml of water does

not exceed 100, the coliform index per liter of water is less than 3, or coliform value not less than 300 ml). The filtered

water is generally used sand filter water, will provide schools, places of entertainment, large gatherings, industrial

and mining enterprises directly for drinking or prepared a refreshing drink.

To save fuel, human, cost-effectiveness significantly .

The filter is widely used in wine liquor filtration, carbon removal in the pharmaceutical industry, electronic industry

high water processing, aquaculture gas distribution, and other industry part of water treatment, air filtration is an ideal

filtering equipment,welcome to use.

Product model: 112106101

Material: stainless steel SUS304