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Product Detail

Microporous membrane        cartridge filter


Product introduction:

Microporous membrane cartridge filter is at home and abroad in recent years was the development of new type filter

equipment. It can filter the liquid and gas 0.1um or more particles and bacteria, it has high filtering precision, the

transition is fast, less adsorption, no medium loss, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, convenient operation

and other advantages. Has been widely used in medicine,chemical, electronic, beverage, fruit wine, biochemical

water treatment, environmental protection and other industrial necessary equipment.

Main technical parameters:

Filtration capacity T/h:0.5-100

Filter use pressure Mpa:0.1-0.6

Filter core number: 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,18,21,25,30,40,50,80,

Characteristics and application of various filter elements using temperature degree C:5-120:

PTFE membrane (PTFE) filter, poly partial film (HE) filter, polypropylene film (PP) filter, acetate fiber membrane

(CA CN) filter, the length of 10; 20; 30 and 40 inches (250; 500; 750; 1000mm) four,

Filter aperture: 0.1um, 0.22um, 1um, 3um, 5um, 10um

The filter, the pressure is 0.42mpa, can recoil.

The interface mode is inserted (two 222226) and a variety of mouth.

The introduction of advanced technology, according to FDA standard manufacturing, filter material for high quality

stainless steel (304 or 316L).

It is characterized by small size, light weight, easy to use, large filter area, low clogging rate, fast filtration speed,

no pollution, thermal stability and chemical good stability. This filter can filter out most of the the particle, so it is

widely used in filtration and sterilization process.

Hydrophobic (applicable to gas) and hydrophilic (applicable to liquid) filter, can be selected according to the needs.