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Semi-automatic blowing bottle machine


HQ-8Y type semi - automatic blow molding machine for blowing PET bottles of various shapes of the

volume from 10 ml to 2L, the blowing bottle machine widely used in mineral water, carbonated beverage

bottles, cosmetics bottles and oil bottles Etc.

1.The double crank arm - locking, locking stable, fast running speed, using far infrared rotary oven, heating


2.The gas path system divided into two parts: the action and blowing, to meet the action, blowing air pressure

demand, and can provide the stable high pressure for blowing a large volume bottle shaped.

3.This machine is equipped with muffler and components of gas device.

4.This machine is divided into dynamic and automatic two kinds of mode.

5.This machine has the advantages of small volume, less investment, convenient and safe operation.

Technical parameters: