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Sleeve shrink labeling machine


Sleeve labeling machine as one of the drinking machine complete equipment, which is installed after filling machine or

sprayer cooling bottle, its role is the labels automatically set to beverage filled bottles, the shrinkage label machine heat

shrink film labels are affixed to the bottle.Complete sets of label product shrinkage process. It is mainly used in food,

beverage packaging line, for cleaning supplies, spices, wine, cosmetics, refined oil and pharmaceutical industry, etc.

external shrink film packaging standard sets.

Equipment characteristics:

1.The use of advanced man-machine interface, automatic control technology, the key electrical components adopt

international famous products.

2.The machine operation, easy adjustment, can be used in the production line.

3.The unique design of the cutter in the specification range, can change the knife seat, only need to replace the blade,

tool change fast and convenient.

4.Without tools, transmission machinery can be adjusted, suitable for different bottles.

5.The standard method is unique, and it is convenient and reasonable to use the compression set standard.

6.Machine transmission machinery to replace the bottle is very convenient.

7.Suitable for 5 "~ 10" of the film material, and can be used as a uniform, efficient, send, and stop.

8.The utility model can be used for a square bottle and a round shaped bottle after simple installation.

9.By lifting the central column, the height can be freely adjusted.

10.The high sensitivity of light electric eye, precise cutting length.

Technical parameters: