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Automatic heat film shrink packing machine


Automatic heat film shrink packing machine:

Technical parameters:

Widely used in beverage, food, medicine and chemical products etc. Pack industry. Without bottom support, without

carton, regardless of square, round, flat can perfect packaging, visual effect is very good,which is mineral water

beverage filling production preferred equipment.

Technical characteristics

Reasonable structure, the machine performance is stable, electricity, machine combined, the mechanical synchronous

transmission and electrical multi axis servo synchronization by combining principle, reducing the complex

mechanical transmission chain, to improve the accuracy of the mechanical transmission, so that the machine

performance is stable and reliable.High degree of automation of the machine with advanced photoelectric control

technology, control system by the special encoder, PLC, advanced detection element and a well-

known foreign brands of electromagnetic clutch composition, can automatically detect the bottles, cardboard, state of

the thin film. The machine by counting the pulse can monitoring volume storage capacity of membrane, automatic

alarm when an insufficient amount of storage; the temperature of the thermal shrinkage channel self to achieve

constant temperature control; thin film conveying and cutting is also under the special control system control

implementation.Suitable for a wide range of the machine uses a lot of adjustable mechanism, expand the machine

usage range. Suitable bottle  diameter 50 mm, circular container height 200~350mm. Each package can be

adjusted in a range of 4-24 bottles.

Technical parameters:

Equipment ModelHQ-150A

Machine sizeL5050×W3300×H2100mm

Maximum packing sizeL600×W400×H350mm

Shrink film materialPEPVCPOF

Shrink film thickness0.03-0.15mm

The highest temperature of heat shrink tunnel160 – 260°(Adjustable)

Maximum capacity per minute8-15(Bags)

Plant capacity20Kw

Actual power consumption15Kw/h

Voltage requirement380/220V

Equipment weight1.2T

Fan1.1Kw  2Units  380V65W  4Units 380V